Why It Makes Sense

With friends and families often spread out all over the globe, and taking vacations tougher than ever to do, having a destination wedding that does double duty as a celebration and a holiday enables you to make the most out of the tie you have together. And, contrary to popular belies, destination weddings can actually be more cost-effective than local weddings. The lower costs give you the ability to do more with less

Traditional Indian wedding are filled with customs and rituals that have a rich cultural heritage. Having a destination wedding doesn’t have to mean sacrificing any of those traditions. We’ll arrange for everything from the mandap to the mehendi-walls. What Thailand as a destination offers is an exotic backdrop to complement your Indian wedding, elevating the traditional celebration into something truly different.

Where It Happens

Bordering the Gulf of Thailand and the Andaman Sea, this Southeast Asian country offers you a choice of spectacular wedding venues. Pristine white sand beaches, centuries’ old temple complexes, and luxurious city ballrooms abound.

Natural beauty aside, Thailand is globally renowned for its superior hospitality and is know as the “Land of Smiles”. The highly developed local infrastructure allows for safe and comfortable travel within the country.

Traveling into the country is also easy, as people of most nationalities, including Indians, can receive visas on arrival at the modern new airport. Thailand is a strategically located and major Asian hub, and all international carriers have flights to Thailand form around the world. India is only a 2 hour flight away.